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RED Question Mark Indicator on School Line Items

A new icon now appears in Galaxy to assist the schools in easily identifying items that:
  • items where required or invalid attributes need to be entered.
Users can hover their cursor over this icon to see what action is required for each item with the indicator.
Click here for samples of the new indicator.

Staffing F –Status


Please click here for guidance on how to staff F-Status people. The click here refers to the attached document.



Latest Screen Updates and Internet Explorer Settings


Please make sure that Internet Explorer refresh settings are set to “Every time I visit the webpage”. Please click here for instructions. If it is not set to this option, Internet Explorer will serve a cached version of the page and you will not have the latest updates. In other words, cookies will prevent the latest screen updates which will result in the user having to log in and out of Galaxy to see screen data updated. If you are using Internet Explorer version 8 or 9, you may need to enable the Compatibility View setting for “” in order to also view Galaxy TO screen updates. Please click here for instructions.



Prior Year Corrections vs. Service Corrections


Please note that prior year corrections through Galaxy are for H-bank and Z-bank staff only. Service corrections can only be done in Galaxy for the current school year for Q-bank staff. Prior year service corrections for Q-bank staff must be done in NYCAPS.

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